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Tableau BI

Gimasys provides solutions that turn data into information that drives action - Tableau BI.

Tableau BI is currently the leading intelligent data analytics (BI) platform that helps every enterprise view and understand data. This visual analytics platform is transforming the way people use data to solve problems.


Tableau helps businesses leverage data to innovate

Tableau is a robust BI software that allows anyone in an authorized enterprise to connect to data with just a few clicks, and then Tableau will visualize and create simple dashboards with just a few clicks.

Despite its easy-to-see, user-friendly interface, Tableau is powerful enough to meet even the most complex analysis requirements. Ensure to securely share data with other parts of the enterprise in seconds.

Tableau BI is designed for every user

More than ever, users need access to data to be more productive, but each role takes a different approach. Tableau role-based licensing allows users to easily use data in the whole organization, with powerful analytics tools to meet the needs of each user level.

Creators build analytical items, including designing, filtering, and managing data sources and creating visual images and dashboards.

Explorers can access and analyze data published by Creators users and create and distribute their own dashboards (governed authoring).

Viewers can view and interact with published images and dashboards - including subscribing to receive updates and alerts.



Tableau Prep is a tool used to prepare data, capable of helping users format data quickly. Allows performing queries, merging, and cleaning data extremely simple and convenient.

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After completing the preparation, Tableau Desktop will help you analyze the data. Tableau Desktop provides a visual interface and various features for data encryption and analysis.

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Tableau Server is a tool to help all users share and manage data in the cloud, with a secured system, and users must be authorized to access it.

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Tableau Online creates a direct link to more than 40 data sources stored in the cloud, allowing users to share their reports and dashboards with everyone.

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Reasons to choose Gimasys to deploy Tableau

Being the official deployment partner of Tableau in Vietnam

10+ years of experience in intelligent data analysis solutions

With 20+ Tableau certificates & 30+ other BI certificates

100% commitment to satisfaction after deployment


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