Marketing Executive - HCM

Miêu Tả:

1. Marketing:

- Design and coordinate regular electronic mailout initiatives
- Prepare marketing statistics and assessing the results of marketing campaigns

- Constant monitoring and liaising with external websites regarding listings
- Manage the marketing database and email distribution list
- Achieve sign off of all marketing materials via ND and BOD-M

2. Social Media:

- Regularly review social media impact and engagement through analytics
- Head social meeting to improve and assess content
- Effectively manage website and monitor relationship with website

3.  Public Relations

- Monitor and record printed and online press coverage
- Research suitable media outlets, editors and present as required (e.g. printed and online press, social media, trade press, TV and radio)

- Develop press relations – invite, meet and greet within venue
- Attend press/ media /public relations events to represent the company

Internal communications and administrative

- Update and manage website
- Proofreading marketing materials and printed literature

- Monitor website analytics and report back as required
- Maintaining brand standards throughout internal communication
- Planning and draft a quarterly Gimasys’ NetSuite newsletter


Yêu cầu:

- Educated to degree level

- Highly organised and strength in time management skills

- Robust and able to structure their workload

- Proactive worker and likes to take ownership on projects

- Knowledge of social media platforms. Experience in scheduling and content planning is desirable

- Good communicator and able to build relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Đãi Ngộ:

- Salary regime: 400-700$ + year- end rewards for work performance. Annual salary raise and intermediate salary adjustment for excellent achievements.
- The preference shares policy applies to employees with outstanding performance and dedication.
- Professional and soft skills training.
- Recreational and union activities.

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